Wednesday, May 31, 2006

discipula astrologiae suum

I am taking an astrology course right now. It's so much fun!!! I almost hate to say more fun than any other class I took in university. (Well, "Introduction to Ancient Egyptian" comes in at a close second.)

I'm taking the class through the
Canadian Association for Astrological Education. I have my fourth class this evening, and I still haven't done my homework. Okay, okay, so some things haven't changed. ;)

Although I understand many of the mathematical priciples involved in drawing up a natal chart, it's the actual interpretation that I have difficulty with. This is what I'm learning, and it's fabulous. There are only five people in my class, so it's great that my teacher isn't swamped.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy place

After an amazingly long and boring wait at the "RapidClinic", the doctor declared me fine. Just a headache to remind me for the next few days that I should always wear my seatbelt.

*whew* Glad that's over.

belated birthday greetings to my dear friend

Well, U No Hoo, I would like to publicly and humbly offer my deepest apologies for forgetting your birthday. I really hope that you had a kick-ass time even though I, your one and only little waif, neglected to express birthday wishes on the day in question.

Here is a lovely cake for you. Make a wish! ;) Luv ya.
***i i i i
**(~ ~ ~ ~)
*(* * * * *)
(: : : : : :)

Hospitals suck.

So one of my coworkers has freaked me out sufficiently to spur me to go to the hospital for a checkup. (She said her brother had been a car accident years ago and had a head injury, which only caused him problems several years after the fact, due to an incomplete checkup.)

Even though I'm convinced I'm fine, the thought and the anticipation of being in a hospital has made my belly clench with dread. I now have a small bruise on my knuckle in lieu of a scrape, and although the skin of my forehead still hurts, there is no visible bruising and a bump only detectable by touch, not by sight.

My innards are clenched very tightly. I am not in a happy place right now.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One way to get out of work

So, on the one day that I don't wear my seat belt in a cab and wear mascara, I get into an accident and then cry my eyes out later. Just peachy.

Don't worry, I'm fine, everyone involved is fine - well, the drivers were angry, but unhurt - and I survived with only a scraped knuckle and a little egg on my forehead where I hit the roof. My fault for not wearing a seat belt.

It is not the cabbie's fault, I'm saying this right now. It's the fault of the f*cker driving the silver SUV that screeched in front of us from the left lane with us only about three car lengths from the stop line. The rain, the suddenness of the asshole's lane change...smashy, smashy!

Leaving the SUV with only a few little scratches and dents in about a square foot area of his bumper, and the cabbie with a smashed headlight, folded hood, and apparently some damage to the front driver's side that left him unable to open his door so that he had to crawl out of the passeger side door.

I can't help feeling like a complete idiot. I always wear my seat belt.


Well, that'll teach me.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Contrary to popular belief, Mercury is NOT retrograde right now...

I called my maman this morning to wish her a happy Mother's Day. Good thing she asks how wedding plans are going and I reciprocate by asking her how travel plans to my wedding are coming along. She tells me how she's getting ready to book their flights and how they're hoping to leave on the 19th of September. As in leave Labrador to come to Toronto.

At which point I remind her that I'm getting married on the 17th. She argues that no, I'm getting married on the 23rd, and I say that's the date we wanted but not the date we got. Slightly panicked hysteria ensues.

Long story short, we have successfully headed off the possibility of my entire immediate family showing up two days after my wedding. *whew*

Sunday, May 07, 2006


No, I can't change information for your spouse. Grow a spine and tell them to call in themselves!

Even if we did send out product samples, we can't e-mail them to you. Dumb-ass.

Why are you so freaking perfect that there is absolutely no way that you could have switched a numbered card with no name on it with your husband/wife/child/sibling/friend? No, my information is not wrong. YOU SWITCHED. THE CARD. Yes, you moron, you switched the card.
You saw one of our employees in a bar drinking and dancing and making faces? And you don't think we should have people like this in our store? Well, what were you doing at the bar?

Okay, I can't find your account under this phone number. Have you moved or changed your phone number? No? Are you sure? Alright, may I have your name then please? ...okay, I have you here with phone number 382-5968 ... so that's your old phone number is it? So you did move. Why do you think I asked you that in the first place? You clearly knew it, you recited the phone number along with me. Can't you answer a simple question?

Wonderful Day

Yesterday was such a fantastic day! I woke up on my own with the sun streaming on my face (as opposed to hubby booting my lazy ass out of bed at the crack of dawn), and had a lovely breakfast with my darling man.

We went to Mark's Work Wearhouse where he bought a new pair of pants and a sweater, and I bought this flirty gypsy skirt. I've never owned such a fun garment in my life. It's black and goes to just around my knees and it flips most airily. It almost feels like a flamenco skirt or something.

The best part is, when I wear it with my pirate boots (as I am today), I feel like River Tam from Firefly, specifically in the episode "Safe", when the emotionally distraught girl hears music for the first time since her escape from the Alliance, she begins to dance. She has black boots sort of like mine, and a pretty flowing skirt (hers is pink, though). I don't know, I just feel like a gypsy; no other way to explain it.

Anyway, after breakfast hubby and I went to Loomis, this great art store, and picked out stuff with which to make wedding invitations. Then we went shopping at another store, and went to dinner where I had the heartiest vegetarian chili I've ever eaten.

We went home and watched The Replacements on TV, and later began to watch Dumb and Dumber - I had forgotten how ridiculous that movie was. In between boring parts, I tried working on the invitations. Let's just say I wasn't at my most patient and loving when trying to calculate how to properly calculate the dimensions of the multiple layers of paper we had purchased and how to center them. Oh, and ribbon tying was a complete fiasco.

All in all, though, yesterday was a fabulous day off. Hooray for free time in fabulous weather!