Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bad dreams

I tossed and turned all last night... too warm, too cold, brain racing at a million miles an hour, and when I did dream it was of brides-in-training failing all their tests. The Trailer Park Boys also featured at some point for a completely unfathomable reason. Very violent, they were.

I will be very happy when the day is underway.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Twenty days...

...until the day of the wedding. This was brought to my attention just a few minutes ago and is completely freaking me out.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

To the asshole at Mr. Sub

I know it's frustrating to not be able to get what you want when there's a giant poster advertising it.

But when someone apologizes and tells you it's not available because that's a breakfast item and not available in the afternoon, your options are:

a) leave.
b) order something else.

The following option, which you exercised, should be deleted from the list of possibilities:

c) scowl, badger the employee for five minutes straight - while a line forms behind you - until she makes up a reason why what you want is unavailable, force her to make a meatball sub with only meatballs and cheese (and they have different cheeses, so naturally you get angrier when she asks you to specify what kind *gasp* THE NERVE!), then when she goes to ring up your order, you shove the sub back at her and say, "HERE! I'm not going to eat this SHIT anyway because YOU didn't have what I wanted so YOU eat it!" then slam down your tray on the counter and stalk over to another food stand and glower at their employee, who has no idea what's going on.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Stitches in my time

Nothing seems to occasions comment or sidelong glance - or outright stares - so much as a young woman doing cross-stitch.

Cross-stitch, you say? As in needlepoint? How utterly bizarre. How antiquated. How very domestic and crafty.

I have had complete strangers on the subway ask me about my hobby. A nice Jamaican man saw me working on an Asian-themed pattern a few years ago and asked me lots of questions about it. A Russian woman once saw me working on my current pattern of sunflowers in a green-and-white-striped pot, and told me it was lovely.

Last week an Asian girl sat across from me on the train, while another Asian girl sat next to me. The one next to me was practically hovering over my shoulder as I worked on one of the sunflowers, while chattering to the girl across from me. In the middle of the train ride, they both got up abruptly and switched seats, whereupon the first Asian girl started chattering excitedly back to the other as she started peering over my shoulder. Oddly gratifying but a little weird. Not to mention completely unsubtle.

One wince-worthy moment: one of my co-workers, who is five years younger than me, said to me, "That's so pretty. My grandmother does those things." Talk about making be feel old. Yeesh.

It's relaxing, though. Just me, the needle, the thread, and the diagram. The focus must be completely on the tiny patterns made by the different colors in order for the picture to come out properly. Each set of symbols on the diagram, marking the various hues, must be mapped to ensure minimum waste of the thread. It's terribly satisfying to finally finish using a particular color. (It is, however, very unsatisfying being distracted once and then later seeing that you've missed one teensy stitch in a color trail. Most annoying.)

It's funny, though, since I've only ever finished two cross-stitch patterns. I remember my first pattern, a Christmas angel pattern I was given by my cousin during a "Bitch'n'Stitch" session with her girlfriends, when I was living with her in university. I never did finish it. It was far beyond what my novice fingers could have handled: various beads, 3/4 stitches; slippery gold thread; French knots; some three-strand stitching; some two-strand.

The first pattern I finished was quite well done, if I do say so myself. It's done on black fabric, instead of the usual white or beige, and when it is done you realize it's a tiger's eyes staring at you. I've always meant to get it framed. Maybe I will once we move into our new house.

The second pattern I finished was the Asian design I mentioned, a large character in Chinese script which means "Good Fortune". I gave that to someone who I once considered a friend but we've grown so far apart I don't think we could be again. It was a sort of 'thanks-and-have-a-good-life' gift, but not as snotty as I just made it sound.

I have almost finished my sunflowers pattern. When it's done I'll post a picture. Maybe a nice green frame with a red and gold matte...

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I get this... feeling, I suppose, but it's more than a feeling, on occasion. I can never predict when it's going to happen or when it's going to end, but it's the strangest, most uncomfortable sensation.

It's like there is a presence hovering over my right shoulder, sort of tingly but not on my skin, just in the area above it. Like a cloud of flies that you want to wave away, only there's nothing there. Or like standing with your back to a bonfire and feeling the heat but not hearing the noise, just sensing the crackling going on behind you. It's just a very wrong sort of feeling.

When this happens, I can't stand being around electronics. Having to sit in front of a computer with this feeling now going on its fourth hour sets my teeth on edge. Turning on the TV this morning caused a shiver to run down my spine and I only left it on long enough to check the temperature. Even the radio hurt my ears this morning.

I want to go outside and get away from this mass of electricity and run or walk through the grass or something!!!!!! Just to escape it. It's driving me crazy, particularly because I don't what sets it off or when it ends.