Thursday, June 04, 2009

When watching "Up", don't forget your tissues.

Last night my husband and I went to see Up, the new Pixar movie. We had planned to see it anyway, but when friends of ours gave it a glowing review, we resolved to see it as soon as possible, so we could watch it in all its glorious Disney Digital 3-Dimensionality.

Oh man, did I ever cry. I almost had to pull over on the way home because I was crying so hard until Andrew thankfully started blasting some techno music inthe car. The music, which thankfully I cannot remember exactly now, just devastated me - piano scores in particular often do. So did the cloud-watching scene. And the scene immediately afterward. And the scene at the end. And several scenes in between. I probably would have cried more if I hadn't lost my packet of kleenex near the beginning of the movie and hadn't had only one tissue to work with for 90 minutes. (I found the rest of the packet on the floor, where it had slipped off my lap, when the lights came up.)

This has got to be Pixar's best movie yet. And from someone who has watched The Incredibles about fifty times, that's saying something. The animation, and I don't just mean the 3-D aspect, is superb. The music frightfully appropriate. The dialogue, funny and touching. The casting, bang-on.

Go watch Up! And remember the tissues!