Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's official - I'm sick of being pregnant.

This past weekend I had a baby shower thrown in my honor, which was attended by friends and family both in person and via Skype, and was totally awesome. I'm incredibly grateful that so many people were able to come and a bit humbled by how generous people were.

Cleaning the house in preparation for the baby shower, though, made me realize that I am ready for this baby to arrive. I had a rather ridiculously-caused meltdown the day before the shower. Let's just say that our house does not lack for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers anymore, and my husband knows that I make the decisions now about when to throw them out.

To continue with my list of things I can't wait to be able to do after the child is born, I offer the following seemingly innocent activities:
  • eat spicy food without getting heartburn
  • see the underside of my belly without a mirror
  • have non-itchy stretch marks (seems I may have PUPPPS, hooray for me)
  • get in and out of the car without myriad gasps and grunts
  • shave my legs
  • sleep with only one pillow, i.e. the one beneath my head
  • sleep on my back! or my right side!
  • play Dance Dance Revolution (I think this may be my post-partum weight loss tool)
  • eat sushi more than once a month

I'm sure there are more, but naturally baby brain has removed the memory of those wishes. *sigh*