Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Allergy Rant

Okay. I don't really complain a lot about my dairy allergy. I've had it my entire life. I was taught to read the ingredient labels on everything; I substitute butter for oil, and cow milk for soy milk, and cheese for, well, air. And I constantly joke about how I wouldn't be as svelte as I am (er, was) if I wasn't allergic to dairy, because for SURE I'd be eating more junk food than I already do.

In this day and age, where it seems everyone and his dog has some kind of food sensitivity, many more food establishments are aware of this and are more than accommodating when presented with a customer with a food allergy. Leave it off, or cook it with oil is the general rule of thumb with a dairy allergy.

But some things are pretty much no-brainers, y'know? Like, if I order a hamburger, why did I get a cheeseburger? Why didn't I say, "No cheese", like I do when ordering pasta or a sub? Because I ASKED FOR A HAMBURGER, NOT A CHEESEBURGER!

Why did I not realize I'd been given a cheeseburger until I took several bites of it? Maybe I wasn't paying attention. But then again, I shouldn't have to. It's a freaking burger. It's one of two type they sell: with cheese, or without. You only need to specify the cheese part if you want cheese. I should not have to specify that I want no cheese on my hamburger. Otherwise I'd just say, "Cheeseburger". "Hamburger" is the default setting, people!

So now I've downed nearly a liter of grapefruit juice and sucked/chewed on two English mints, to chase down the Benadryl I had to take to make the itchy throat (not to mention panic) go away. Benadryl always knocks me on my ass, so at least I'll sleep well tonight. So will Henry, once I feed him before going to bed. And as a result, so will my husband. I'm happy that Benadryl is one of those safe drugs a breastfeeding woman can take.

Meanwhile, I've been waiting 40 minutes for my replacement hamburger... So now I've got an itchy throat, I'm getting tired, I'm getting an anger headache, and I'm still hungry. This is going to be a fun night...

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