Monday, January 17, 2011

The Do-Again List

Many people seem to have some sort of stereotype of a pregnant women in their head. Either she's a whiny shrew or she's so cheerful it makes you want to scream. I like to think I've struck a healthy balance between the two this pregnancy. If someone asks how I'm feeling, as a nitpicky Virgo I almost automatically mention the "bad" things first, like how my back is hurting or how tired I am. But I don't go on and on about it, and I'm just as quick to point out when Jellyfish is kicking or how I can gleefully state that, at 34 weeks, I still don't have stretch marks.

That being said, I've begun to compile my mental list of things I can't wait to be able do again. It's not intended to be an angry, ranty list, bitching about the activities that now escape me for various reasons; rather more of a wistful, oh-it'll-be-nice list.
  • putting on footwear without gasping or using special tools
  • reaching the back of a cabinet or the end of a counter
  • holding my bladder like a normal human being
  • while we're on the topic, not feeling the urge to pee every time I change position
  • being able to fasten the front of my coat (I estimate I will lose this ability within two weeks)
  • swing quickly in and out of bed
  • rolling over in two seconds instead of two minutes
  • eat a large meal and not feel like I'm going to explode
  • carry/push heavy objects
  • have a choice between more than three pairs of pants and six tops
  • drink alcohol or caffeine without censorious glares from my husband

Naturally, of course, there will be another mental list compiling in about two months, one that's a little bit snarkier and more emotional, of the I-wish-I-could-still-do-this variety. It will likely include such items as:

  • sleeping longer than two hours at a time
  • showering more than twice a week
  • talking to someone besides the baby about something other other than baby poop...

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